Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Agony and Ecstasy of Love


Here I am to write few lines after A long-long time, So read on and let me know your views :)

What do we think is the idea of pure love? Is it a feeling, a passion, an emotion or a behavior?

This question prevails right from the time mankind came into existence and is going to prevail till eternity. No one knows what it is but still all claims to have experienced it. Ironical as it may seem but that is the reality. All but none of us are chasing something, something which is a cognizance mystery in the screaming silence. This is actually an idea as to what I have in my mind, rather my views about this supposedly sacred institution of love।

When we say we have feelings for someone, those feelings can be of any form and dimension, primarily the domain being like, dislike, hatred, jealousy, envy…। but can love, really qualify as a feeling?

Actually we don’t unfold or discover ourselves – we create and build our thoughts on what the world is saying and doing। But the correct path to unwind is rather simple। Whenever you do something, ask yourself, whenever you perceive a notion, ask yourself, whenever you try to define love, ask yourself, what am I doing?

The key to the ultimate truth can be summed up in four words: “and then some more।” The purpose behind the mere existence of this word love which is a universe in itself. All of our lives revolve around the periphery of these four auspicious and august letters “love”.

Day 1:

  • We are born, we need love।
  • And as we grow, this demand for love goes on augmenting
  • In everything and anything we do, we seek love

Our love encompasses so many others: mother, father, sister and brother for instance। They are all forms, all waves in the ocean of love. A human being has an enormous capacity to love, and he is capable of loving many people in his life.

But the question with which we started still remains can love “qualify as a feeling”?

Lets proceed further…can love qualify as an emotion?

Although the unembellished meaning of emotion and feeling are same but there lies a striking difference between the two and can be felt by the sensitization of the innermost senses।

When we say we have emotions. What do we exactly mean?

  • Does it mean we are sentimental?
  • Does it mean we are vulnerable?
  • Does it mean we are weak?
  • Or does it mean we are a humane human being?

Well it can be put in any way we are comfortable with; rather our frame of mind is compatible with. Again this can be attributed to the human nature which causes us to recognize and comprehend only what eyes hear, and ears see!! We have made a cobweb around ourselves, and anything, which probably deviates from this superficially strong periphery, seems to be an alien.

We never realize that whatever we are doing is binding us, is creating an aura of its own which will leave an impact on our mind and soul.

We tend to take emotions as mere words and unintentionally define them conventionally for the entire regime of our life.

And during this regime we fail to see the light which resides in us and still the question looms large like a leviathan can “love qualify as an emotion.”

When it comes to exhibiting a behavior, we all have something, which is, unique and somethings, which are common। Regarding what all know is simple for all to understand but the complexity arises when we try to apt the uniqueness of an entity।

“Love as a behavior” as to what does it mean?

  • Does it men inbuilt compassion for one and all?
  • Does it mean a divine persona?

Well, again it can be put in any way we are compatible with। But like the cosmos above the question can “love qualifies as a behavior” still expands, waiting to finally reach its zenith and explode frantically to retrieve the truth.

Then what actually love is???

I don’t want many to comply as to what I have to say but my core and crust feels:

Love is like a ladder that helps you attain higher and higher levels of loving consciousness। It could start with one person and end with totality. Love is the beginning, god is the end. What a bargain—one has to share and accept love to attain god or rather, to become one with god.

So, folks don’t shy away from yourself; don’t shy away from love, for you can’t attain bliss unless you know what pure love is।

True, as it may seem !!!



agile said...

Very deep content, amazing clearity about the thoughts,

Soemthing is really working here... this is addictive...



Adi Crazy said...

"Love is a behavior."
Beautiful phrase.
Hats off to you Don!

Anonymous said...

good one dude ..
miles to smile