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My City - Dehradun - Valley of Rivers !!

"Abode of Sage Drona" Dehradun

From a long time I was willing to to write something about my city, "MY CITY named Dehradun" and at last I have got some good time to describe my city in My way. :P

So go on friends as I uncover the beauty of a gorgeous city I belong To :)

To just let you all know where exactly Dehradun is located.. have a look at this map :P

Dehradun , "abode of Sage Drona" a city that shares one of the most pleasant era of my lifetime, holds a special place in my Heart, which I believe might be true for number of my friends for their respective places.

The Origin of the name of this city has a unique history associated with it. Dera (or Dehra) is a camp, while Dun or Doon is a reference to a local term used for a river valley between a smaller range (Shivaliks) and the main Himalaya's. As this City is surrounded by "Shivalik Range" and the main Himalays.

The City is also known as DronPuri for the following reason:-

Legend has it that Guru Dronacharaya, a Brahmin teacher of the Kauravas and Pandavas in Mahabharat and son of the mighty river Ganges, set up his ashram or 'dera' here. Eventually, the Dron Ashram came to be known as Dehradun. Therefore, it is also referred to as Dronpuri in history. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana undertook a penance in Dehradun for killing Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

Dehradun also sometimes spelled Dehra Doon, is the provisional capital city of the Uttarakhand state.It is located in the Doon valley, 230 kilometers north of India's capital New Delhi and the Delhi metropolitan area. The district is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains in the north, Shivalik Hills in the south, the river Ganga in the east, and the river Yamuna in the west. The water divide of Ganga and Yamuna passes through the city. Which makes it extra special. :)

My City Dehradun has been and is famous for not just one thing, but many things . Here are some of the TOP one's for which My City is Famous for :- Yo !! Yo!! Yo!!

  • Dehradooni basmati rice :- is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour. Its name means "Queen of Fragrance" in Hindi.

  • Leechees :- also spelled Litchi, a delicious, yummy and sweet soft fruit. "No one can eat just ONE" :P

  • RIMC : Rashtriya Indian Military College, is a prestigious public school for boys studying between 8th and 12th grade. It has a tradition of training young school boys into strong military leaders. Most of the students studying at the RIMC eventually join the National Defence Academy and eventually the Indian Armed Forces

  • Doon School : The Doon School is one of the most prestigious public school and boarding school located in Dehra Dun

  • IMA : The Indian Military Academy is the premier Army training school of India for officer training and became functional from 1st October 1932. Indian Military Army proudly Teaches the following lesson to our great soldiers -->
"The safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, Always and every time."

The academy has the following places of tourist interest:
Museum, Library, War Memorial, Arms and ammunition, Shooting demonstration room, FRIMS Golf Course(18 holes).

  • FRI : Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehradun, is a premier institution under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education. FRI Dehradun is one of the oldest institutions of its kind and acclaimed the world over. FRI was built by the Britishers to impart forestry training in India. The main building houses some very thought provoking museums relating to different facets of forestry and it's studies. The institute today is a premier institute for training of fresh Indian Forest Service(IFS) recruits.

  • Tapkeshwar Temple: It is named Tapkeshwar as water droplets, originating from a rock, fall on the Shivling placed in the shrine. People in large numbers participate in the fair organised on the occasion of Shivratri and pay their obeisance to the deity.

  • Robber's Cave(Guchhupani) : An ideal place for picnic, is to be trekked to reach this beautiful cave formed by a natural rift in a mountain. Through this flows a very cold stream of water. The darkness of the cave combined with the sound of the fast flowing stream gushing past the feet gives it an ideal touch.

  • Sahastradhara :Sahastradhara is a cold sulphur water spring having high medicinal value. The Baldi river and the caves provide a breathtaking view. An ideal place for family picnics.

  • Malsi Deer Park : Enroute to Mussoorie is situated a beautifully developed tourist spot lying at the foothills of the Shivalik range. Malsi Deer Park is a mini-zoological park comprising children's park enveloped by beautiful, natural surroundings.

  • Lachiwala : Approaching from Hardwar - Rishikesh is Lachiwala. An extension of the Rajaji National Park, It is a serene and blissful spot among tall Deodar forests with a running supply of water all year round.

  • Mussoorie : My Favorite is a group of beautiful green hills thirty eight Kms from Dehradun. With its green hills and varied flora and fauna, Mussoorie is a fascinating hill station. Also referred as the "Queen of Hills", it offers wonderful views of the Himalayan snow ranges to the north east and the Doon valley creating a serene atmosphere for the tourists.
Kempty Fall, Dhanolti etc are the places to visit from Mussoorie.
These are just the few, I am able to mention here, many wonderful places are still there that probably will be made available to you , once you have a trip to My City. Yeah !!!

Hope you all guys had fun reading and knowing about My City, My Place. Have Fun visiting this place , and let me know in case any HELP is seeked :D.

Love :


Adi Crazy said...

Did I ever tell you thatas a kid, I always dreamt of having a good house in Dehradoon? Keep writing!

DON said...

Yr long lasting Dream Just came TRUE .. Adiiiiiii :D

I have a " Good House " In MY City. "Dehradun" :) .. n as its mine.. would u mind considering it as yours as well???

I Believe ... You also have a Good House in Doon NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

nice blog dude!! well composed... keep rockin

Somya said...

Wow!1this is a real Tribute 2 ur town 'Dehradun'...Thanks 4 enhancin my knowledge[:)]

Anonymous said...

Very good blog about Dehradun ....

St. Mary's Higher Secondary School Alumni

The Lad said...

It is a beautiful city!!

gaurav said...

Hi!!!! truely everybody saying truth, dehradun is the most beutiful city in my concern, i m also from dehradun and now in south india, but really missing a lot my childhood memories

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!