Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Say - New Delhi vs Mumbai

It has been a long longggg time since I posted my last post. .. Hell...

  • Now I realize days been converted into weeks and weeks into months since that post. Sorry!!! Guys!! , got smwhat disinterested in writing down new post's, aah !! thanks to work load and other factors responsible for my disinterest in writing more. But now, I am back and will keep on updating my posts, that's a promise. :)
  • Am I here to compare the two "Metro's" ?? Noooo .. No way... I am not gonna compare them :P, however I will provide you with "My Experience", "My Stay", "My Days" , " My Work" in these two Metro's.
  • Before I continue, I would like to thank one of My Wonderful Friend "Adi Crazy" for suggesting me the topic of this post. Thanks Adiii.. :)
  • She suggested me this topic long back while I was in Mumbai.. working days and nights to get multiple projects delivered.. but of course gettin the time now , here in New Delhi to write on this, and I am lovin it!!! :D
Okayyy... here I Go----> " Dilli Dilwalo Ki"
  • It has been somewhere around more than 3 years, since I landed in "The Capital of India", New Delhi. Since then life has been a roller-coaster and loved every second of it, as I trace back My memories.
  • I remember , the day I came to Delhi, "11th January 2004" for My first Job.. Yeah My First Job. My Career started in this very city guys!! " New Delhi" .. real fast then what I expected.. *smiling*. Definitely it took me some time get into the "Rhythm" (what i call it .. he he ) that Delhi was trying to teach me from quite some time.

  • Gradually as I came into the "Rhythm" .. he he.. I started enjoying each and every moment of it!! be it work, be it roaming /wondering around with friends, be it anything. In No time the city became my Second Home. Yeh " My Second Home", and when it has become "My Second Home" how can I forget to talk about the food Delhi is famous for.
  • Friends, this city never made me feel that I am missing the Home Food. Never. Which you all would agree is a key ingredient of staying "Alive". My Favorite Food Hunt "Green Park Market", awesome food with great shops and places to shop and relax. Those were really some GOLDEN DAYS. .. ( I am missin those dayzzzz !!!!).. awwww
Delhi .. As it is also famous for... its "Sardi and Garmi".. :P (this song gets Perfectly Fit here)
"Tarsaye, Tadpaae rae Dilli Ki Sardi".. extreme temperatures out here in this very city.. People who can survive in these extreme conditions can survive anywhere, is what "I Believe".

  • Moving Down to Mumbai !!! First Few Days were FUN... but slowly I realized that Mumbai is not where I belong.. Its not my kind of city... definitely not. Life tooooooooo fast.. faster then Delhi and one is only able to see the start and end of the day.. where is the rest of the day gone??? NO ONE KNOWS.. "phewww".

  • Food.. God plzz save me!!!! aaah... how can one eat roti's rolled with oil( coconut oil???).. but i had too.. Vada Pao, Vada Pao.. X Pao, Y Pao... for God sake .. plzzzz . My Stomach has stated aching now.. I have put down on my health!! (Biggest Concern)
Who says Mumbai is not hot, if not hot then what about the Humidity?? yakk..
Sorry Mumbai!! Never liked you... please improve yourself and try to set up your standards to that of New Delhi.

Delhi not only gave me some wonderful friends "Friends Forever" but also Beautiful Memories for the rest of My Life. Delhi !!! You are and will be always special to me!!! :)

Love u Delhi!!!



Anonymous said...

Hello Sir.Dropped in from Adi-crazy's space.Nice post.I am an ardent delhi lover too.The good thing about that place remains that whichever corner of the nation you originally belong to, you will still be able to find a shade of home-away-from-home in Delhi.However, I have not stayed there much ( 6 months straight; that is all I have been there at max ).Thanks for bringing up the post !!

DON said...

Hey!!! Tatsat.. Welcome to the group of people who "Love Delhi"..

I know its takes just a little time to discover your kinda environment here in Delhi. and then life rocks on...

Cheers to You and All the Delhi Lovers :)