Saturday, July 14, 2007

I Say - New Delhi vs Mumbai

It has been a long longggg time since I posted my last post. .. Hell...

  • Now I realize days been converted into weeks and weeks into months since that post. Sorry!!! Guys!! , got smwhat disinterested in writing down new post's, aah !! thanks to work load and other factors responsible for my disinterest in writing more. But now, I am back and will keep on updating my posts, that's a promise. :)
  • Am I here to compare the two "Metro's" ?? Noooo .. No way... I am not gonna compare them :P, however I will provide you with "My Experience", "My Stay", "My Days" , " My Work" in these two Metro's.
  • Before I continue, I would like to thank one of My Wonderful Friend "Adi Crazy" for suggesting me the topic of this post. Thanks Adiii.. :)
  • She suggested me this topic long back while I was in Mumbai.. working days and nights to get multiple projects delivered.. but of course gettin the time now , here in New Delhi to write on this, and I am lovin it!!! :D
Okayyy... here I Go----> " Dilli Dilwalo Ki"
  • It has been somewhere around more than 3 years, since I landed in "The Capital of India", New Delhi. Since then life has been a roller-coaster and loved every second of it, as I trace back My memories.
  • I remember , the day I came to Delhi, "11th January 2004" for My first Job.. Yeah My First Job. My Career started in this very city guys!! " New Delhi" .. real fast then what I expected.. *smiling*. Definitely it took me some time get into the "Rhythm" (what i call it .. he he ) that Delhi was trying to teach me from quite some time.

  • Gradually as I came into the "Rhythm" .. he he.. I started enjoying each and every moment of it!! be it work, be it roaming /wondering around with friends, be it anything. In No time the city became my Second Home. Yeh " My Second Home", and when it has become "My Second Home" how can I forget to talk about the food Delhi is famous for.
  • Friends, this city never made me feel that I am missing the Home Food. Never. Which you all would agree is a key ingredient of staying "Alive". My Favorite Food Hunt "Green Park Market", awesome food with great shops and places to shop and relax. Those were really some GOLDEN DAYS. .. ( I am missin those dayzzzz !!!!).. awwww
Delhi .. As it is also famous for... its "Sardi and Garmi".. :P (this song gets Perfectly Fit here)
"Tarsaye, Tadpaae rae Dilli Ki Sardi".. extreme temperatures out here in this very city.. People who can survive in these extreme conditions can survive anywhere, is what "I Believe".

  • Moving Down to Mumbai !!! First Few Days were FUN... but slowly I realized that Mumbai is not where I belong.. Its not my kind of city... definitely not. Life tooooooooo fast.. faster then Delhi and one is only able to see the start and end of the day.. where is the rest of the day gone??? NO ONE KNOWS.. "phewww".

  • Food.. God plzz save me!!!! aaah... how can one eat roti's rolled with oil( coconut oil???).. but i had too.. Vada Pao, Vada Pao.. X Pao, Y Pao... for God sake .. plzzzz . My Stomach has stated aching now.. I have put down on my health!! (Biggest Concern)
Who says Mumbai is not hot, if not hot then what about the Humidity?? yakk..
Sorry Mumbai!! Never liked you... please improve yourself and try to set up your standards to that of New Delhi.

Delhi not only gave me some wonderful friends "Friends Forever" but also Beautiful Memories for the rest of My Life. Delhi !!! You are and will be always special to me!!! :)

Love u Delhi!!!


Saturday, April 21, 2007

My City - Dehradun - Valley of Rivers !!

"Abode of Sage Drona" Dehradun

From a long time I was willing to to write something about my city, "MY CITY named Dehradun" and at last I have got some good time to describe my city in My way. :P

So go on friends as I uncover the beauty of a gorgeous city I belong To :)

To just let you all know where exactly Dehradun is located.. have a look at this map :P

Dehradun , "abode of Sage Drona" a city that shares one of the most pleasant era of my lifetime, holds a special place in my Heart, which I believe might be true for number of my friends for their respective places.

The Origin of the name of this city has a unique history associated with it. Dera (or Dehra) is a camp, while Dun or Doon is a reference to a local term used for a river valley between a smaller range (Shivaliks) and the main Himalaya's. As this City is surrounded by "Shivalik Range" and the main Himalays.

The City is also known as DronPuri for the following reason:-

Legend has it that Guru Dronacharaya, a Brahmin teacher of the Kauravas and Pandavas in Mahabharat and son of the mighty river Ganges, set up his ashram or 'dera' here. Eventually, the Dron Ashram came to be known as Dehradun. Therefore, it is also referred to as Dronpuri in history. According to the Ramayana, Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana undertook a penance in Dehradun for killing Ravana, the demon king of Lanka.

Dehradun also sometimes spelled Dehra Doon, is the provisional capital city of the Uttarakhand state.It is located in the Doon valley, 230 kilometers north of India's capital New Delhi and the Delhi metropolitan area. The district is surrounded by the Himalayan mountains in the north, Shivalik Hills in the south, the river Ganga in the east, and the river Yamuna in the west. The water divide of Ganga and Yamuna passes through the city. Which makes it extra special. :)

My City Dehradun has been and is famous for not just one thing, but many things . Here are some of the TOP one's for which My City is Famous for :- Yo !! Yo!! Yo!!

  • Dehradooni basmati rice :- is a variety of long grain rice, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavour. Its name means "Queen of Fragrance" in Hindi.

  • Leechees :- also spelled Litchi, a delicious, yummy and sweet soft fruit. "No one can eat just ONE" :P

  • RIMC : Rashtriya Indian Military College, is a prestigious public school for boys studying between 8th and 12th grade. It has a tradition of training young school boys into strong military leaders. Most of the students studying at the RIMC eventually join the National Defence Academy and eventually the Indian Armed Forces

  • Doon School : The Doon School is one of the most prestigious public school and boarding school located in Dehra Dun

  • IMA : The Indian Military Academy is the premier Army training school of India for officer training and became functional from 1st October 1932. Indian Military Army proudly Teaches the following lesson to our great soldiers -->
"The safety, honour and welfare of your country come first, always and every time. The honour, welfare and comfort of the men you command come next. Your own ease, comfort and safety come last, Always and every time."

The academy has the following places of tourist interest:
Museum, Library, War Memorial, Arms and ammunition, Shooting demonstration room, FRIMS Golf Course(18 holes).

  • FRI : Forest Research Institute (FRI) Dehradun, is a premier institution under the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education. FRI Dehradun is one of the oldest institutions of its kind and acclaimed the world over. FRI was built by the Britishers to impart forestry training in India. The main building houses some very thought provoking museums relating to different facets of forestry and it's studies. The institute today is a premier institute for training of fresh Indian Forest Service(IFS) recruits.

  • Tapkeshwar Temple: It is named Tapkeshwar as water droplets, originating from a rock, fall on the Shivling placed in the shrine. People in large numbers participate in the fair organised on the occasion of Shivratri and pay their obeisance to the deity.

  • Robber's Cave(Guchhupani) : An ideal place for picnic, is to be trekked to reach this beautiful cave formed by a natural rift in a mountain. Through this flows a very cold stream of water. The darkness of the cave combined with the sound of the fast flowing stream gushing past the feet gives it an ideal touch.

  • Sahastradhara :Sahastradhara is a cold sulphur water spring having high medicinal value. The Baldi river and the caves provide a breathtaking view. An ideal place for family picnics.

  • Malsi Deer Park : Enroute to Mussoorie is situated a beautifully developed tourist spot lying at the foothills of the Shivalik range. Malsi Deer Park is a mini-zoological park comprising children's park enveloped by beautiful, natural surroundings.

  • Lachiwala : Approaching from Hardwar - Rishikesh is Lachiwala. An extension of the Rajaji National Park, It is a serene and blissful spot among tall Deodar forests with a running supply of water all year round.

  • Mussoorie : My Favorite is a group of beautiful green hills thirty eight Kms from Dehradun. With its green hills and varied flora and fauna, Mussoorie is a fascinating hill station. Also referred as the "Queen of Hills", it offers wonderful views of the Himalayan snow ranges to the north east and the Doon valley creating a serene atmosphere for the tourists.
Kempty Fall, Dhanolti etc are the places to visit from Mussoorie.
These are just the few, I am able to mention here, many wonderful places are still there that probably will be made available to you , once you have a trip to My City. Yeah !!!

Hope you all guys had fun reading and knowing about My City, My Place. Have Fun visiting this place , and let me know in case any HELP is seeked :D.

Love :

Friday, April 6, 2007

Five Facets of Successful Business Analysis

Being a part of My Profession, I am putting down for what I think "Business Analysis" is all about. Have fun reading it :)

Gathering and managing client requirements is one of the most difficult and critical aspects for any project। For a project to be successful, the needs and goals for the product being built must be understood and translated into complete specifications from which the product can be built.

You can build anything with quality and sophistication – whether it is software, a house, or a car, etc। – but if the needs of the client aren’t met, the product will either be reworked or scrapped, and the project called a failure.

According to a report I read recently:-

  • Two thirds of all projects studied were either failures or what they call “challenged”
  • Only half of the desired features made it into the finished product
  • Cost overruns happened on nearly half of all projects

Clearly, what is most needed on projects today are ways to increase functionality of products produced in less time.

Effective business analysis can supply the missing ingredients to reduce or eliminate challenged projects, capture vital functionality, and produce happier clients। Here are the five essential “Ts” for quickly nailing business requirements.


Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, it takes time for business experts to discover their requirements, particularly the details of those requirements। For example, homeowners can discuss certain aspects of the house they want to build, but rarely can they articulate all of their detailed requirements at the first meeting with the architect and builder. This is true for all business requirements, regardless of the project size. Complexities arise when different stakeholders have different requirements that must be reconciled and finalized.


Relying on one familiar tool or technique for gathering and managing requirements usually causes gaps, and can result in missed requirements। By using a small number of complementary tools and techniques, analysts can leverage them to maximize the strengths of each. The result is a more complete set of requirements, captured and analyzed more quickly than relying on a single technique.

The four tools we recommend are:

1) Process Maps to capture business processes

2) Use Cases to document interactions with a system

3) Data Models to capture data requirements

4) Prototypes to get early feedback and gather interface requirements.


Effective analysis requires more than effective use of tools and techniques. It is essential for business analysts to learn how to navigate the organizational landscape effectively. And as important as communication, listening, probing, and presentation skills are, more important are those that build relationships, such as negotiation, or that allows the analyst to walk seamlessly between business and technical areas.


Projects take longer to finish when either approved requirements are not delivered, or when scope creep occurs। All requirements need to be traced forward to the finished product to verify they have been addressed. If approved goals and needs are overlooked, then rework will occur, meaning time will be needed to complete them. In addition, when requirements that are not part of the project vision sneak into the project, the scope expands, as does the associated time. One way to reduce scope creep is to make all initial requirements and changed features traceable back to business objectives and the project vision.


We may initially trust or not trust those involved in our projects, based on past experience, personal filters, culture (organizational, geographical, and otherwise), and a wide variety of factors that can influence our judgments। Business analysts and project managers don’t always have time to let relationships develop, and need techniques to help build trust more quickly. To capture requirements quickly and completely, trust needs to be present.

In the end I would like to summarize with this:-

Requirements are not easy things to understand and capture. They take time to discover and understand, especially when only one or two techniques are used. Multiple, proven methods that complement each other can help accelerate the discovery process and contribute to more complete requirements at the same time.


Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Agony and Ecstasy of Love


Here I am to write few lines after A long-long time, So read on and let me know your views :)

What do we think is the idea of pure love? Is it a feeling, a passion, an emotion or a behavior?

This question prevails right from the time mankind came into existence and is going to prevail till eternity. No one knows what it is but still all claims to have experienced it. Ironical as it may seem but that is the reality. All but none of us are chasing something, something which is a cognizance mystery in the screaming silence. This is actually an idea as to what I have in my mind, rather my views about this supposedly sacred institution of love।

When we say we have feelings for someone, those feelings can be of any form and dimension, primarily the domain being like, dislike, hatred, jealousy, envy…। but can love, really qualify as a feeling?

Actually we don’t unfold or discover ourselves – we create and build our thoughts on what the world is saying and doing। But the correct path to unwind is rather simple। Whenever you do something, ask yourself, whenever you perceive a notion, ask yourself, whenever you try to define love, ask yourself, what am I doing?

The key to the ultimate truth can be summed up in four words: “and then some more।” The purpose behind the mere existence of this word love which is a universe in itself. All of our lives revolve around the periphery of these four auspicious and august letters “love”.

Day 1:

  • We are born, we need love।
  • And as we grow, this demand for love goes on augmenting
  • In everything and anything we do, we seek love

Our love encompasses so many others: mother, father, sister and brother for instance। They are all forms, all waves in the ocean of love. A human being has an enormous capacity to love, and he is capable of loving many people in his life.

But the question with which we started still remains can love “qualify as a feeling”?

Lets proceed further…can love qualify as an emotion?

Although the unembellished meaning of emotion and feeling are same but there lies a striking difference between the two and can be felt by the sensitization of the innermost senses।

When we say we have emotions. What do we exactly mean?

  • Does it mean we are sentimental?
  • Does it mean we are vulnerable?
  • Does it mean we are weak?
  • Or does it mean we are a humane human being?

Well it can be put in any way we are comfortable with; rather our frame of mind is compatible with. Again this can be attributed to the human nature which causes us to recognize and comprehend only what eyes hear, and ears see!! We have made a cobweb around ourselves, and anything, which probably deviates from this superficially strong periphery, seems to be an alien.

We never realize that whatever we are doing is binding us, is creating an aura of its own which will leave an impact on our mind and soul.

We tend to take emotions as mere words and unintentionally define them conventionally for the entire regime of our life.

And during this regime we fail to see the light which resides in us and still the question looms large like a leviathan can “love qualify as an emotion.”

When it comes to exhibiting a behavior, we all have something, which is, unique and somethings, which are common। Regarding what all know is simple for all to understand but the complexity arises when we try to apt the uniqueness of an entity।

“Love as a behavior” as to what does it mean?

  • Does it men inbuilt compassion for one and all?
  • Does it mean a divine persona?

Well, again it can be put in any way we are compatible with। But like the cosmos above the question can “love qualifies as a behavior” still expands, waiting to finally reach its zenith and explode frantically to retrieve the truth.

Then what actually love is???

I don’t want many to comply as to what I have to say but my core and crust feels:

Love is like a ladder that helps you attain higher and higher levels of loving consciousness। It could start with one person and end with totality. Love is the beginning, god is the end. What a bargain—one has to share and accept love to attain god or rather, to become one with god.

So, folks don’t shy away from yourself; don’t shy away from love, for you can’t attain bliss unless you know what pure love is।

True, as it may seem !!!